AWO Kunzea oil 15ml
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AWO Kunzea oil 15ml

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As a relatively new Australian Essential Oil, Kunzea Essential Oil has become popular very quickly, perhaps this is because of its pleasantly earthy, balanced, and slightly spiced, medicinal aroma.

In addition to its well-liked scent, Kunzea Essential Oil is known to be incredibly beneficial from both an aromatherapy and health perspective.

  • Above all Kunzea Essential Oil benefits, Kunzea Oil is prized for its pain relieving and soothing abilities and because of this, it is commonly used to heal cuts, small wounds, insect bites, minor burns, and skin irritations.
  • From a health perspective, Kunzea Essential Oil is known to ease stress and nervous tension.
  • As a native Australian Essential Oil, the crisp and naturally decongesting aroma of Kunzea Oil also makes it effective when treating headaches and flu-like symptoms.
  • Others have experienced the benefits of Kunzea Essential Oil when creating insect repellents.