Cell Squared Ceremonial Cacao
Cell Squared Ceremonial Cacao
Cell Squared

Cell Squared Ceremonial Cacao

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+ Connects to and opens the heart chakra to receive energetic healing

+ Harnesses the powerful intersecting masculine and feminine ley line energies of Bali, enhancing purification capabilities

+ Increases intuition and connection to the higher self

+ Deepens meditation, presence and mental clarity

+ Elevates mood, and a more expanded state of consciousness

+ Contains theobromine, a cardiovascular system stimulant (as opposed to coffee, a nervous system stimulant). This relaxes blood vessels, while producing an effect of 30-40% higher blood circulation

+ Experience increased blood flow (life force energy) moving through your body and nourishing all of your systems

+ Promotes powerful journeying, connecting to inner wisdom

+ Helps build a bridge to inspiration, creativity and new ideas

+ Facilitates self-expression

Unlock The Ancient

Ceremonial Cacao with a difference.

High quality, South American Criollo Cacao, consciously grown by local farmers in diversified ‘food forests’ on the mountains of West Bali. Spiritual blessings are honoured at each stage of planting, growing, harvesting and fermenting.

Our Ceremonial Cacao’s strength and purification abilities are enhanced by harnessing Bali’s dynamic masculine and feminine ley line energies.

A powerful entheogenic tool used in ceremony for thousands of years to expand consciousness, deepen meditative experiences and connect to the energetic space of the heart.

100% Natural, GMO Free, Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Keto, Paleo, Vegan