Niulife Coconut balsamic vinegar 250ml

Niulife Coconut balsamic vinegar 250ml

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Fermented barrel-aged coconut blossom nectar infused with fresh Tarragon leaves. 

Our gourmet coconut vinegar is handmade from small batches of freshly harvested organic coconut blossom nectar that has been naturally fermented with Tarragon leaves. 

It has a deep tangy flavour making it ideal for pairing with strawberries, pears, ricotta, feta & salad. 

Delicious with seafood, steak or chicken. 

 Try adding a splash to salad dressing, dips & marinades or add 2 tablespoons to sparkling water as a healthy tonic. 

- Unrefined
- All natural
- Fair Trade
- Certified Organic
- Preservative & Gluten Free
- Good for gut health
- Vegan
- No added cane sugar
- Low GI

Fermented barrel-aged organic coconut vinegar, coconut blossom nectar & Tarragon leaves