Empathy Herbal Red Ginger Powder 50g
Empathy Herbal

Empathy Herbal Red Ginger Powder 50g

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Introducing our premium Red Ginger Powder – it packs a flavourful punch and is the perfect way to bring some zesty and spice to any dish! A tasty ingredient in baked goods, smoothies, juices and ginger shots – trying mixing with a squeeze of honey and make ginger lemon tea.

But, Red ginger is more than just an exotic flavour; this delicious anti-Inflammatory food has a host of health benefits too.

Studies show that consuming red ginger regularly helps support heart, lung and digestive health. With its antioxidant properties, red ginger can help bolster your immune system and ward off disease-causing bacteria and other harmful organisms. So be sure to add a sprinkle of our Red Ginger Powder to your next meal! Enjoy the delicious taste and reap the remarkable health benefits of this powerful root!