Fusion Health Cystitis 60T
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Fusion Health Cystitis 60T

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Fusion Cystitis combines includes alisma, traditionally used in Chinese medicine to relieve symptoms of medically diagnosed cystitis in the presence of bladder damp-heat pattern. Plus, cranberry to help reduce the frequency of its occurrence in women.

Fusion Cystitis contains cranberry to help decrease the occurrence of medically diagnosed cystitis in women.

When medically diagnosed cystitis is present:

  • Couch grass is traditionally used to relieve inflammation in Western herbal medicine, where it’s also traditionally taken to soothe irritated tissues and help flush out the urinary tract
  • Alisma is traditionally used to relieve its symptoms in Chinese medicine in the pattern of bladder damp-heat, where it’s traditionally believed to work by expelling damp heat in the bladder, thus soothing symptoms like urinary burning

Fusion Cystitis also contains the Chinese herbs phellodendron and pyrrosia and the Ayurvedic herb crateva.


Each tablet contains herbal extracts dry concentrate:
Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) fruit 83.3mg, min. fresh equiv. 4.17g
std. to proanthocyanidins 6mg
Couch grass (Elymus repens) rhizome 200mg, dry equiv. 2g
Alisma (Alisma orientale) root 100mg, dry equiv. 1g
Pyrrosia (Pyrrosia sheareri) whole plant 100mg, dry equiv. 1g
Phellodendron (Phellodendron amurense) stem bark 50mg, dry equiv. 500mg
Crateva (Crateva magna) stem bark 50mg, dry equiv. 500mg

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

No added artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, yeast, gluten, wheat, nuts, dairy or animal products.