Giovanni Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Hemp Hydrating 147ml

Giovanni Deep Conditioning Hair Mask Hemp Hydrating 147ml

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After years of research, Giovanni has formulated combined a proprietary blend that helps revitalize your tresses while soothing your scalp. In addition to deeply hydrating Hemp Seed Oil, this Hemp hair mask features Aloe Vera, Frankincense, Turmeric, Sage, Hops, and Chamomile for an intensely moisturizing experience for hair and scalp. This Vegan-Friendly Complex harnesses the natural benefits of botanicals, rich in vitamins and nutrients, to help strengthen your mane and enhance your style, leaving hair looking and feeling…euphoric.

This Hemp hair mask will not dull, strip color, or damage your hair. It’s 100% color-safe, paraben-free, and cruelty-free. Look in the Ingredients tab for a listing of USDA certified organic ingredients.

Harness the power of Hemp Oil for scalp and hair by using our HEMP HYDRATING Hair Mask in conjunction with the other products in our HEMP HYDRATING collection

Giovanni hair care…bridging the gap between natural and salon-quality.