Gutalicious - Jordan Pie & Kirsty Wirth
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Gutalicious - Jordan Pie & Kirsty Wirth

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Jordan Pie & Kirsty Wirth have joined forces to bring you something special which they have both been asked to create for years - a beautiful, gut-friendly cookbook. This book is the filled with all of the incredible recipes, tip, tricks and important research which they have learnt over all these years of healing our own guts, and also helping others nourish their gut. 'Gutalicious' contains over 150 sweet and savoury gut friendly recipes plus important information on gut health. To celebrate the release, we are offering special early bird prices plus heaps of awesome bonuses! Just click the link below to find out more

Inside You Will Find ...


  •  Ketogenic Treats - Enjoy gut friendly sweet treats like Cultured Mango Cheesecake, Cultured Bounty Bars and of course Jordan’s Gut Friendly Brownies.
  •  Gut-Friendly Meals - There are a variety of delicious soups, stews, curries, pureed veggies and delicious main meals, from Buddha Bowls to Crispy Fried Rice to Tandoori Chicken and San Choy Bau.
  •  Fermented Everything - There is a whole chapter dedicated to delicious Fermented Foods covering anything from fermented fruit yoghurts, to fermented veggie mixes and even vegan cashew cheese.

  • Why Gutalicious?

    Are you ready to really get your gut health (and overall health) back on track? Well what if we told you that it’s possible to create and enjoy meals made from real, whole foods that will actually nurture and nourish your gut. What if it’s possible to enjoy these foods without getting symptoms of bloating, diarrhea, irritability, reflux or fatigue? You’ll find that many of the recipes in this cookbook are grain, dairy, egg, nut, sugar and of course gluten free as well as ketogenic. But most importantly they’re all gut-friendly so they cater to everyone’s dietary needs. However even if you’re not on a gut healing journey, these recipes are still beneficial for you. Did you know that the health of our gut microbiome (ie; gut bugs) drives the health of our body and brain. It is the foundation of our life. And that my friends is why this whole cookbook is devoted to balancing microbes and nourishing and nurturing your gut using the amazing power of food. Particularly fermented foods, as they contain trillions of beneficial bacteria that get delivered to your gut and transform your gut’s health and your over health.