Holy Smoke Eco Incense - Flow
Holy Smoke

Holy Smoke Eco Incense - Flow

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The effortless way that life moves around us when we are happy and at ease.

 A subtle yet warm, woody & spicy blend of Vertiver, Rockmoss and Spiked Ginger-lily.

 Spiked Ginger-Lily enables flow, awakening the heart for love to flow, and reminding us that we are always part of the flow.

Beautifully supported by Rockmoss, offering a sense of benevolence of life and the tranquil properties of Vetiver both grounding & relaxing.

 Balances the emotions, connects all the chakras and induces love and goodwill.

A soothing energy, softening strong emotions whilst energising the creative flow through all the chakras.

Scent Profile:

- Vetiver
- Rock Moss
- Spiked Ginger-lily

Spicy, Woody, Warm , Citrus