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Iced Tea Gift Set
Organic Merchant

Iced Tea Gift Set

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Organic Merchant’s iced tea gift box is perfect straight up as a refreshment on those hot summer days or as a base when serving cocktails at a party.

Each sample serves around 2+ litres

Organic Merchant’s cheers-worthy combination of cocktail inspired herbal blends is your ticket to relaxation. Our Iced Tea Gift Set is the perfectly refreshing and healthy solution for the hot summer days or when you want to unwind to a refreshing and healthy herbal iced tea cocktail.

Organic Merchant’s hand-blended Iced Tea Gift Set includes:

This stimulating blend of lemon, lime and lively bitter peels is enjoyed for its revitalising citrus aroma. Similar blends are traditionally used to benefit the immune system and calm the nervous system. Without a doubt the perfect Iced Tea to relax. The Lemon, Lime & Bitters Iced Tea Sample Sachet serves 8+ cups, making around 2 litres.

Naturally high in antioxidants and Vitamin C, this fruity blend is sure to boost your vitality and improve your mood. The Ruby Rose and Elderberry Iced Tea Sample Sachet in our boxed iced tea gift set serves 8+ cups, making around 2 litres.

Lavender combined with Early Grey black tea creates this aromatic bergamot infused blend. Served chilled over ice, it mixes surprisingly well with Lemon Vodka and Champagne. The Earl Grey Iced Tea Sample Sachet serves 8+ cups, making around 2 litres.

An amazingly refreshing Sencha green tea blend with with pepper- and spearmint, that cools you down naturally. This unique blend is naturally high in antioxidants to promote longevity and lift energy. The Moroccan Mint Iced Tea Sample Sachet serves 8+ cups, making around 2 litres.

No more stressfully trying to smash whole leaf herbs into a globe infuser, where the tea gets stuck in the mesh when cleaning it. Our tea infusers are easy to handle and come with every iced tea box.

The iced tea gift set serves 32+ cups (or around 8 litres) in total..