Apiary Made - Jelly Bush Honey (330g)
Apiary Made

Apiary Made - Jelly Bush Honey (330g)

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Jelly Bush Honey is scientifically proven to be wonderful for your health, containing many anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As well as being great for your general health, immunity and vitality, our honey is independently tested and certified as active Bush Honey.


This honey also has a sweeter taste than it’s Manuka honey counterpart, so is more enjoyable to include in your diet. Great tasting and full of the amazing properties that bring health, immunity and vitality. Organically produced and just as nature intended.  



Medicinal Jelly Bush Honey 10+ 330gm



Persons should consult their medical practitioner before taking supplements.

*Please note bee products cannot be purchased and sent to Western Australian due to border restrictions.