Like Chocolate for Women - Kim Morrison & Fleur Whelligan

Like Chocolate for Women - Kim Morrison & Fleur Whelligan

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An inspirational, insightful and easy-to-read book about making your self-care a priority from two of Australia’s leading self-care experts. In a fast paced busy world where self-care is often at the bottom of the list Kim and Fleur draw on personal experiences as health professionals to show other women how to successfully achieve optimum health, beauty and wellbeing. These talented women firmly believe your health and inner sparkle is your greatest asset and as busy mothers, wives, business-women and authors they are only too aware of how difficult it can be to take care and nurture yourself on a daily basis. They walk their talk! They offer inspirational and insightful ideas combined with practical age-old remedies and strategies that do not cost a lot of money or take up precious time to regain health, eliminate ‘bad’ stress and drop the guilt. This book fills the gaps that all the other ‘health and beauty’ books leave out and shows that no matter where you are right now, you can change how you feel, change how you treat yourself and therefore change your life – NOW! If you are tired of all the hype of the health and beauty industries and want practical sound advice using simple natural remedies that work, then ‘Like Chocolate for Women’ is for you!‘ Kim & Fleur’s message is powerful – self-care is not selfish – it’s essential!

Overwhelmed? Overstressed? Overtired? Overworked? Over it? Like Chocolate For Women is every woman’s self-care handbook packed with hundreds of tips and ideas to help all women live the life they want, reminding them that self-care is not selfish – it’s essential! Valued at $39.95 now just $30.00.

There is no doubt: life is challenging. Balancing the home, the kids, your family, friends, finances and career can be a juggling act, let alone making time to take care of your health and wellbeing – and heaven forbid finding time to relax! Acclaimed authors and health and lifestyle educators, Kim Morrison and Fleur Whelligan believe every woman can achieve the life they are after, but first they MUST understand that self-care is not selfish – it’s essential!

Like Chocolate For Women is every woman’s self-care handbook. Inside you will:

*    Learn how aromatherapy is the number one self-care tool for the mind and body
*    Drop the guilt, take responsibility and make yourself a priority
*    Unlock the secrets on how to age with grace
*    Find simple ways to exercise in just 5 minutes
*    Make hormones your friend – from puberty to menopause and pregnancy to motherhood
*    Discover the ultimate 2 minute body boost that is changing lives around the world
*    Prepare fresh, healthy, nutritious meals, even when you are busy