Limited Edition Perfection Powder Brush
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Limited Edition Perfection Powder Brush

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Inika - This unique brush is designed to buff makeup into the skin for a flawless complexion. Ideal for application of our Mineral Powder products, the premium synthetic bristles pick up and apply product to the skin prefectly, and quickly build the desired level of coverage.

Features a 35 degree angle to reach every corner of the face, and over 1.2 million micro-fine soft bristles ensure optimal density for even makeup application. 

Perfect for evenly applying Mineral Powder Foundation to the skin - just press brush into powder, gently tap handle to remove any excess, and gently buff into the skin in circular motions for a perfect airbrushed finish. 

100% certified vegan and cruelty free, premium synthetic bristles are compatible with powders, creams and liquid formulas.