Nature's Child Bio liners Roll 200
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Nature's Child Bio liners Roll 200

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Nature's Child bioliners measure 30cm wide and 16cm long and have two great uses. Firstly, as a Cloth Nappy Liner to catch poo solids and secondly, to make your own baby wipe by just adding water or any other recipe you prefer.

Bio liners collect the poo to help prevent soiling of your cloth nappies and stop smelly bins when discarding disposable nappies. Simply lay a bio liner inside your cloth or disposable nappy. Moisture passes through the bio liner to the nappy and solids remain on the bio liner. Use one bio liner at each nappy change. One size fits all babies.

We do not recommend flushing the bioliner but just the poo down the loo. Flushing bioliners is never suitable for septic toilet systems. 

These nappy liners double up as baby wipes! Simply place the samples in a kitchen container and add approximately 20mls of water. You can adjust the amount of water to suit your desire for dry or wet wipes. This will give you one days supply of baby wipes to either use at home or carry out with you in your nappy bag. The beauty of this system is that they are made fresh in seconds daily and there are NO ingredients but you still get a biodegradable material. 

Bioliners are made from PLA, a biopolymer from cornstarch. They are compostable. 

Vegan. Palm-Oil Free. 

Nature's Child is an Australian Certified Organic baby skin care brand that is built on values of being ethical, natural and responsible. Nature's Child focus on using ingredients that are biodegradable and also use packaging that is recyclable.