Neoflam Dandy Nature Cook Stone Pots 3 Piece Set

Neoflam Dandy Nature Cook Stone Pots 3 Piece Set

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The Dandy collection draws inspiration from ancient pottery techniques. 

2012 Reddot Design Award Winner, Exceptionally versatile & intelligently engineered, cooking has never been easier or tasted better 

Neoflam’s Nature Cook range is simply nature's solution for healthy everyday cooking.       


Key features: 

  • Ceramic stovetop cookware, compatible with gas & electric cook tops
  • Made from the earth’s natural minerals
  • Heat resistant clay with over 400°C of thermal –shock strength
  • Versatile: Prepare, simmer, bake, serve and store in one vessel
  • Great for browning, braising, baking, grilling and more
  • Compatible for the following cook tops – Gas, Electric and Ceramic
  • Exceptional thermal shock resistance allows an instant transfer from hot to cold environments. 
Colour Mint, Lilac & Pink
Large Pot Dimensions 18cm x 18cm x (W x L)
Made In Korea
Material Heat Resistant Clay
Medium Pot Dimensions 16cm x 16cm x (W x L)
Oven Temperature 400°C degree
Small Pot Dimensions 12cm x 12cm x (W x L)
Type Ceramic Stovetop Cookware