Perfect Potion Shinrin yoku Bath Soak 250g
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Perfect Potion Shinrin yoku Bath Soak 250g

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Immerse yourself in the Japanese practice of Shinrin-yoku, known as 'forest bathing' and reconnect your mind, body and spirit to the rejuvenating benefits of nature. 

Create your own rejuvenating sanctuary and reconnect to nature in your bath by soaking in the fresh, rich aromas held within this calming bath soak. Shinrin-yoku Bath Soak may also be enjoyed as a warm foot soak to receive similar benefits of relaxation. 

  • Uses a combination of essential oils to create a healing and rejuvenating sanctuary
  • Eases muscles
  • Relaxes the body
  • Calms the mind
  • Aids the body’s natural detoxification process