Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar 1kg
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Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar 1kg

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Coconut sugar is the crystallised nectar of tropical coconut blossoms, collected from rainforest canopies. Boasting a rich, toffee-like flavour with subtle coconut undertones, it is favoured in culinary circles as a more flavoursome natural alternative to traditional sweeteners.

Good for you, good for the planet 

Our 100% pure coconut sugar is a healthier and more sustainable alternative to traditional refined sugars. With a higher mineral and nutrient content and lower glycemic index, our fairly traded coconut sugar is sustainably harvested and naturally processed by a community of traditional coconut farmers in Central Java, Indonesia using a simple, time honoured process of evaporation and crystallisation. Power Super Foods Coconut Sugar is harvested in different locations to that of the wild orangutans, ensuring these charming “gardeners of the forest” are protected and can continue their crucial role of maintaining the health of the forest ecosystem. The remarkable coconut palms also contribute significantly to the local economy in Java, where they produce over 100 types of profitable products for the community.

Ways to enjoy 

Coconut sugar can be used as a 1:1 replacement for cane sugar in your favourite desserts, baked goods and beverages. Its delicious, subtle yet sweet flavour lends a delightful, caramelly taste.