Prana Chai - Vegan Blend 250g
Prana Chai - Vegan Blend 250g
Prana chai

Prana Chai - Vegan Blend 250g

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This brew-tiful blend combines the same balanced flavours of Prana Chai Original Masala Blend, just with a slight (sweet) difference: they swapped out honey for pure agave syrup, making it friendly for vegans and diabetics.


With that simple exchange, you’ve got a whole new vegan chai mix that has low GI and presents an ethical alternative to honey.
As with all Prana Chai blends, it’s still hand crafted in Melbourne with all natural ingredients. Still absent of preservatives and additives. Still made to preserve the Prana (life force) in every bag.

Premium black tea, agave syrup, cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, cloves, peppercorn, ginger root.